Microsoft Azure Storage

Azure Storage is a service that you can use to store files, messages, tables and other types of information.

You can use Azure storage on its own—for example as a file share—but it is often used by developers as a store for working data. Such stores can be used by websites, mobile apps, desktop applications, and many other types of custom solutions. Azure storage is also used by IaaS virtual machines, and PaaS cloud services.

Types of Storage Services

Azure storage provides the following four services: Blob storage, Table storage, Queue storage, and File storage.

Azure Storage Resources

Azure storage account

An Azure storage account is a secure account that gives you access to services in Azure Storage. Your storage account provides the unique namespace for your storage resources.

There are two types of storage accounts:

  1. General Purpose Storage: It had two performance tiers Standard and Premium Storage
  2. Blob Storage Accounts: It has two access tiers Hot and Cool

 Image result for azure storage account

Storage Access Tools:

  1. Azure PowerShell Commands
  2. Azure Storage Explorer
  3. AzCopy


For Beginner or easy starting I will recommend you Azure Storage Explorer. Azure Storage Explorer Download from: Download here


For pricing details go there:

Practicing Azure Storage with Python:

If you have python installed then simply run on cmd:

pip install azure-storage

for getting azure storage module and libs.

We will be working with blobs storage.

For File share we will be using power shell:

these are two new lines i am using but it hangs:

cmdkey / /user:AZURE\jellyfortstorage

net use l: \\\fileshare /u:jellyfortstorage
But actually, i was trying it on Host machine. When tried on VM Domain Controller. It


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